Words from Our Students

Charlotte Guertler    Doctoral Candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science 2019

Charlotte Guertler

Doctoral Candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science 2019

Evolving in Sling Health through the course of a graduate education

"Sling Health has been a significant part of my graduate education. It was one of the factors in my decision to come to WashU. I wanted to go to graduate school where I could get hands-on experience working on medical device projects as an engineer. I joined Sling Health as a project leader my first semester at WashU and have served as its COO for the last two years. I gained management experience as both a project leader and as COO. I was given access and freedom to design and build an idea that I cultivated with the help of team members and the vast network provided by the platform. Sling Health has provided me with real world skills, like how to get a patent and how to identify unmet medical needs. It gave me a great, low-risk introduction to entrepreneurship. All of these skills have helped me grow into a stronger student and person and will be essential as I move forward past graduation."

Applying the classroom to the world and connecting with Like-minded Peers

"Leading a project for Sling Health allowed me to integrate what I learned from all of my courses in Organizational Behavior, Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship to a real-world problem. While developing a product and business plan was an integral component of the experience, managing a team whose market value exceeded $1M helped me polish my managerial skills and executive-level thinking in ways that I would not have been able to if I had simply read a case about a health tech startup. The secondary benefit of networking with the entrepreneurial community in St. Louis has yielded amazing things for me as well – just two weeks ago, I arranged coffee chats with a handful of venture capital firms in the Bay Area where I will be interning this summer. Further, I have fostered relationships with participants from past years and hope to build upon the network I have cultivated through Sling Health here in St. Louis."

Shaun Vaid    MBA 2020

Shaun Vaid

MBA 2020

Jessica Jackson    MBA 2019, Team Member 2017-18

Jessica Jackson

MBA 2019, Team Member 2017-18

Exploring the healthcare industry

“Participating in Sling Health provided me the opportunity to explore some of the most complex issues facing the U.S. healthcare industry. My team worked to develop a pricing transparency application and through my involvement in the project, I was able to better understand the most critical challenges that not only patients face in obtaining care, but that those in the healthcare innovation space experience in attempting to provide tools and resources to make healthcare more accessible and effective. Sling Health has helped prepare me for a career as a healthcare consultant.”

making an impact

“As a medical student, it can be frustrating working in a system that feels so big that it will always stay the same. But with Sling Health I learned that I could be part of something that could make healthcare better for generations to come. Now I am an Orthopedic Surgery resident and I view the hospital that I operate in as something that is not static. Knowing that there are always ways to improve is invaluable. My involvement in Sling Health has completely changed the way I view problems in medicine.”

Ramin Lalezari    MD/MBA 2018

Ramin Lalezari

MD/MBA 2018