Sling Health STL is the founding chapter of Sling Health, a national student-run non-profit organization that was founded in 2013 by medical students at Washington University in St. Louis to confront the surplus of unsolved clinical problems they encountered within the hospitals.

The organization brings together a diverse group of students, clinicians, and local entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize solutions to improve patient health care.

Since it's inception, Sling Health STL has enabled hundreds of students to engage in entrepreneurship, and build start-ups with capital funding. See our portfolio page for more information. 

Sling Health is now a national network. Visit the Sling Health national network homepage to learn more. 

Main Objectives

  1. To make medical entrepreneurship attainable for students and physicians

  2. To integrate students from the schools of medicine, business, engineering, and arts & sciences to tackle unmet clinical needs by developing and commercializing solutions to real-world healthcare problems

  3. To provide resources, training and mentorship to participating teams of students and residents through an experiential platform